The Challenge: 'The Trouble' Is BLM, Antifa & Biden - It's Time To Take Them On To Save Freedom

Eric Scheiner | June 8, 2021


Donald Trump may have received the lion’s share of the coverage during his appearance at the North Carolina Republican convention last week, but NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s address to the crowd should also be noted.

Robinson defined the challenge that is facing conservatives and passionately informed the crowd of Republicans about what needs to be done, comparing the need for action to emergency workers responding to 9/11.

“We saw policemen and firemen running to those buildings, basically running to their deaths, to go help others because they saw trouble and they knew that they would need it. 

That's got to be us in this day right here. We've got to run to the trouble, folks. And what is the trouble? The trouble is the Biden administration that is seeking to turn this country into a socialist hellhole. The trouble is antifa that wants to roam the streets and beat you into submission. The trouble is Black Lives Matter. It claims to care about the lives of black people, but it has turned a blind eye while violence in black communities are taking lives at a genocidal rate. They've turned a blind eye,” Robinson said.

“That's where the trouble is, and that's what we've got to run to and we've got all the right in the world on our side, and there ain't no reason to be afraid and ain't no reason to not take the challenge dead on, because I'm going to tell you who we come from, folks. 

We don't come from some weak jelly-back, spineless people. That's not who we come from. None of us. And it doesn't matter what color you are, what nation your folks hail from, how much money you got - we all share the same name we are Americans. And that Bunker Hill that was Americans and that Fredericksburg and Gettysburg that was Americans. And at Iwo Jima raising that flag on Suribachi, it was Americans - and that Pork Chop Hill that was Americans. Khe Sanh it was Americans, and on 9/11, there was Americans who ran towards those burning buildings. That is who you share your heritage with. 

You do not share your heritage with a weak and ineffective people who tower at the site of trouble. You share your heritage with a strong and brave people who are determined to hold on to their freedom and for the freedom of future generations. Guys, it's time for us to stand up and be that generation.”

Watch the powerful speech in the the video above.