'Chaos': Chicago Carnival Shuts Down Early After Hundreds of Teens Start a Brawl

Brittany M. Hughes | May 23, 2023
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What should have been a safe, family-friendly event turned into a violent brawl at a Chicago park over the weekend, in a scene that might shock even those who’ve come to expect such things from blue-controlled cities with no standards of decency.

A carnival held at Chicago’s Tinley Park to celebrate Armed Forces Weekend was hastily packed up and hustled away after a flash mob incident turned into outright chaos Saturday. Video from the event shows a huge crowd rushing the area, where families with children were busy riding carnival rides and playing games.

Police said the mob, comprised of at least 400 teens with many of them wearing ski masks, had been organized on social media. The horde rushed the carnival grounds out of nowhere and proceeded to assault and rob carnival-goers, fight with the cops, jump on cars, and generally scare the bejeezus out of everyone present.

And the sight was nothing short of insane:

Attendees - including parents with small children - told local outlets the incident left them terrified.

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"One of our friends got, like, choked, and tried to get robbed from their jacket," one carnival-going teen told ABC7, adding that she and her friends fled to a nearby library and called their parents to pick them up.

The melee, along with the fact that police discovered another flash mob being organized online for Sunday afternoon, forced the carnival - originally scheduled as a three-day event to raise money for charity - to shut down early, leaving many temporary workers without jobs. Now, local authorities are trying to figure out how to handle other planned events over the summer for fear that teen mobs may become a trend.

One police officer was reportedly injured amid the insanity. Only five juveniles were arrested at the scene.

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