Chaos at DNC: Man Lights His Skirt on Fire During Flag Burning

Elliot Polsky | July 28, 2016
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Angry Bernie-Or-Bust protesters have made the DNC protests much more inflammatory — both literally and figuratively — than the protests at last week’s RNC.

As Obama gave his speech Wednesday night, USAToday Digital Editor Natalie DiBlasio reported that “hundreds—possibly a thousand” protesters lined up along the fence separating Democratic invitees from everybody else.

Protesters carried giant cut-outs of Bernie Sanders’ head and “Bernie 2016” posters. They chanted: “This is what democracy looks like,” “Election fraud,” “Bernie won,” “Bernie or bust,” “We want power,” and other similar chants.

Other protesters lit an American flag on fire, saying things like, “Burn that s--t down,” and “Burn that f--king white capitalist s--t the f--k down.”

A person wearing a long summer dress or skirt ran out from the crowd to stomp on the flag. He or she promptly caught on fire and fell to the ground as the crowd tried to put the fire out. The Daily Caller reports that the person was a man, but abc7 reports that it was a woman.

According to abc7, the person was “badly injured.” It’s not clear whether the person was trying to put out the flames or was a protester trying to stomp on the flag.

The American flag wasn’t the only one to go up in flames last night, according to The Jerusalem Post. The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Trau caught pictures of protesters lighting the Israeli flag on fire, while chanting “intifada,” apparently in reference to the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank.

Protesters also stuck Bernie leaflets in the fence outside of Wells Fargo Arena and lit the leaflets on fire.

At the RNC, communists attempted to burn an American flag, but it was quickly extinguished by police when, according to police, the protester lighting the flag on fire caught fire.



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