Charlie Sheen Blasts Barack for 'Wasting That Kind of Time' on Brackets: 'We Deserve Better from Our President'

Brad Fox | March 20, 2015
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"I care about wasting that kind of time, when the world is in the state it's in right now, it makes me insane. . . it's not fair to the families and to who we are as a republic," says Sheen today in the video below. 

Charlie Sheen sent out the following tweet yesterday with a link to a picture of the president picking brackets (Barack-etology) on ESPN

Mr. Sheen alludes to Obama's stepfather's last name, Soetoro, and what some suspect was his original first name (Barry). The Kenya part was a nod to birthers who think he was born there. 

He appears to be using creative language to make the 140 character limit, but was accused of using ebonics with some of the misspellings. 

He tweeted out this after being accused of being racist with a link to an Info Wars article about Obama who joked he originally left Kenya because he loved the United States so much. 

There was a funeral last week for Deputy U.S. Marshall Josie Wells, but it is unclear if that's the funeral Mr. Sheen is referring to. 

Here is TMZ's video asking Charlie about what his Tweets. In it, the visibly-angered actor declares, "We deserve better from our president."

Cover Photo from TMZ

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