Chelsea Clinton Slams Kanye West For 'His Treatment of Women' – And Conveniently Forgets Her Own Dad

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 1, 2022
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In a perfect – and perfectly infuriating -- example of journalistic myopathy and memory loss, People Magazine on August 23 published a brief reality-clouding, candy-glass piece that not only stands on its own for its stunning lack of context, but also opens a door onto celebrity hypocrisy and the ceaseless pop media trawling of many American women which has, for generations, been a major pillar of leftist victim culture.

This slick and superficial “report” centers on the absolutely essential, important, and life-changing fact that Chelsea Clinton says (hold on to your hats):

“I had to let go of Kanye.”


Intrepid People scribe Virginia Chamlee writes:

“While avid runner Chelsea Clinton used to listen to Kanye West while pounding the pavement, she's since removed the hip-hop artist from her workout playlist — due in part, she says, to his treatment toward Kim Kardashian and women as a whole.”

Which offers us an opportunity to contemplate how much we thirsted to know that Chelsea is an “avid runner” and lets us recall how our daily lives revolve around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Or, it might just call attention to Chelsea’s and the author’s glaring omission of the obvious, and open that proverbial door to further exploration.

Curiously lacking in Ms. Clinton’s opportunistic moralizing – she is, after all, promoting a new Apple-Plus series, which we’ll explore in a moment – and notably absent from Chamlee’s piece is any acknowledgment of Chelsea’s father, Bill Clinton, and his decades-long record of mistreating women.

Even the flightiest of Americans might recall the most recent chapter in Bill Clinton’s sordid tale of suspected misanthropic misogyny: that being his multiple unexplained trips on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet (“affectionately known” by friends as “The Lolita Express”) all over the globe, and, in particular, to Epstein’s private island.

Not only was Clinton logged in 26 times, he evidently ditched his security team when joining the man who was so closely linked to child predation.

Then there’s the infamous perjury concerning his 1995-1997 affair, and his extra-marital sex acts in the Oval Office carried out with the “blue dress”-clad Monica Lewinski, a White House intern who was, at the time the affair was alleged to have begun, just 22 years old (some reports claim the affair began when she was 21, just a few months after she got into the White House, working as an intern for Chief of Staff Leon Panetta).

And then there are the multiple – and, to many observers, very believable -- accusations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and rape, going back decades.

To which Hillary Clinton not only remained mum at the time, she was accused of creating a “Bimbo Eruption” team to stop such whistleblowers from speaking or being believed – and possibly harming Bill’s (and by association, her own) political ambitions.

Even after the Lewinsky revelations, Hillary engaged in shameless gaslighting, claiming that those who were exposing the information were part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to fool or distract people.

And it appears that, perhaps, her own daughter and the People Magazine “reporter” either believed her, or they have such short memories that they will turn their heads at the next “shiny thing” celeb news blip to cross their sightlines.

Curiously, this, itself, is a celeb news blip, created to promote the new eight-episode Apple-Plus show “Gutsy,” based on the monumental book “The Book of Gutsy Women,” co-written (they claim) by Chelsea and the aforementioned “Bimbo” manager, Hillary.

Needless to say, none of Bill’s surviving and quite believable accusers are featured in said tome.

But the shameless statement from Chelsea and its timing do allow us to open the mental doorway onto that larger vista, for it is in suffering through a two-minute “trailer” for “Gutsy” that one can understand the interminable and self-perpetuating nature of the leftist “culture of victimhood” in America.

Opening with the obligatory heartstrings-tugging piano (a song called “Live Like I’ve Never Lived” by Ruelle) and shots of Hillary and Chelsea somehow free of their own security teams and driving in a compact car, we soon see the dynamic duo darting along a woodsy lane, then visiting a montage of other women who – of course -- fill the “racial-sexual-cultural-age-intersectionality” buttons that so many Hollywood and DC public relations experts seem to think are essential facets of faux cosmopolitan sophistication, tolerance, and growth.

And we get to hear Hillary, as if we haven’t heard enough of her, offering the clichéd, Oprah-esque and self-defeating blather that’s become all-too familiar in the “victimhood culture” world:

“We’re hitting the road to shine a light on women who inspire us to be bolder and braver…”

And that brings us to a shot of celebrity actress Kate Hudson, saying, “Leadership doesn’t look one way. It’s a giant rainbow,” hitting the GLBTQ button as we see shots of multi-cultural ladies doing things like blowing ceremonial smoke over Mrs. C and taking selfies with the mom and daughter combo.

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Guests for the show include “gutsy” moral giants such as: Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Dr. Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Kate Hudson and her mom, Goldie Hawn, and more.

And soon we even get the obligatory “let's overcome the fact that rural Americans are uncultured, unsophisticated bigots” narrative when one dinner table guest recounts, “I’m in deep Georgia, and they might not have ever met a Muslim—”

To which the sage Hillary interrupts, “Or they don’t know they have.”

And said guest continues, “Or they don’t know they have. Because (adding mock sinister tone) we walk among you…”

So good. Unbridled laughter, all around the table.

It’s hit after hit of tired leftist assumptions about not only conservative and libertarian Americans, but about what the urban left consistently and narcissistically assumes: that only THEY are sophisticated and inclusive, and that the knuckle-dragging masses ought to learn from them, by government policy, ie government force, if necessary.

And, as it rolls on, it becomes sadder, falling deep into the category of “female liberation” and “self-reliance” that, at its heart, adopts the legacy of suffragette women from a century ago and tries to fit contemporary women into it.

As it was with the original Oprah Book Club, where, while working at a bookstore, I saw the majority of Winfrey's first 10 choices perpetuating the idea that women are “victims” -- and, as with Oprah’s old syndicated talk show, where guest after guest was trotted out to talk about how they overcame being a “victim’” -- the constant drumbeat of “victimhood” in this two-minute trailer signals that Hollywood and leftist culture-pushers in DC (and in publishing) don’t get it.

By feeding their mostly female audience the non-stop mantra of “you’re a victim, and you can be strong,” they perpetuate the myth that women all are victims on some monumental level.

I certainly don’t know the “Kim-Kanye” details. But I do know that everyone’s been a victim of something, and to see two of the most pampered, most privileged, most politically-favored females in the history of this nation stand up for “girl power” in this Apple release is stomach-turning.

Add to it the fact that they actually include as “women” a couple “Trans” dudes who pretend to be women shows just how deluded their perception of authentic females is. As David Ng reports for Breitbart:

“Hillary Clinton’s new Apple TV+ docuseries Gutsy is dedicated to spotlighting ‘gutsy’ women who are leaders in their respective fields. But some of the ‘women’ the show celebrates aren’t women — one is a biological male who performs as a drag queen, while another is transgender.”

How gutsy. Let men call themselves women.

And forget all the real women who have been hurt by Bill Clinton, and dismissed by his insufferable wife.

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