Cher Says If Trump Wins Second Term, ‘There'll Be No America’

Monica Sanchez | June 21, 2019
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Singer and outspoken President Donald Trump critic Cher has taken to Twitter yet again to engage in liberal hyperbole about the impending 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Cher in a late-night tweet said that if Trump wins a second term, “there’ll be no [America]!!”

“Only thing important is beating Trump!!” she wrote.

She added in a previous tweet that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) “doesn’t know ‘fk all’ about how to win in 2020.”

“Put real [money], and people under [100] in charge,” Cher fired.


Cher is certainly not the only celebrity declaring an apocalypse come 2020 if Trump gets re-elected.

The long list includes actor Jeff Daniels who recently said in an interview that if Trump wins in 2020, “it’s the end of democracy” as we know it.

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