Cher Says Latest Tweet Calling Trump Prison ‘Toyboy of Big Bubba’ Went 'Too Far'

Monica Sanchez | May 30, 2019
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Outspoken President Donald Trump critic Cher is backtracking after a tweet that she admits “went too far.”

In the now-deleted tweet, Cher following resigning Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s press conference Wednesday called for an impeachment hearing, adding that she would like to see Trump a prison “toy boy of Big Bubba.”

The foul suggestion garnered online backlash against the 74-year-old Oscar-winning singer, reports Yahoo Entertainment, including criticism from Piers Morgan who called the tweet "disgusting." 

Cher late Wednesday night issued a “not apology” but rather a “Cher ‘wtf Moment’” explanation, admitting that she had gone “too far” and “there’s a line not to cross.”  

She stood by her initial comments that she believes President Trump “belongs in jail,” however.

Cher just recently called Trump an “ignorant thug with a lizard brain” for agreeing with her after she tweeted that she does not want sanctuary state California to “take care of more” illegal immigrants when it “can’t take care of its own,” as MRCTV reported.

(Cover Photo: Flickr / David Carroll)
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