Chicago Gang Members Cordially Requested to Forgo Shooting Between 9 AM and 9 PM

Evan Poellinger | August 18, 2023
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An activist group in Chicago has taken a new approach to gang violence in the Windy City: asking gang-bangers nicely not to start shooting until after curfew.

Native Sons, a youth organization group, has taken it upon itself to approach gang members in Chicago, requesting that they pledge themselves to a ceasefire between 9 AM and 9 PM. The pledge, which Native Sons is calling the People’s Ordinance, is allegedly geared toward preventing casualties among non-gang members during the day.

Unintentionally or otherwise, Native Sons’ rationale for the People’s Ordinance undercuts a number of arguments commonly proffered by the left in response to criminal violence. According to Native Sons co-founder Tatiana Atkins, “‘I've noticed that it's a lot that are just like, 'Why not just don't shoot, period?' It's like, we've tried that,’ Atkins said. “Why not just listen to the gun laws? We've tried that.’"

Surprisingly, the idea has seen some support from the authorities in Chicago. According to Atkins, Chicago Alderman Maria Hadden of Chicago’s 49th Ward and members of the 24th Chicago Police District have expressed their approval of the ceasefire concept. Atkins also claimed that “we've talked to rival gang members, and they seem to gravitate towards what we're trying to do.”

Still, it seems a dubious proposition at best that this scheduled ceasefire will measurably decrease Chicago’s murder rate or violent crime, in general. Murder rates are still high in Chicago, with 695 murders in 2022.

Last weekend alone, at least 23 people were shot, at least four fatally, in Chicago.

Between the gang members armed to the teeth and the activists attempting to ask them nicely to watch their aim and hold their fire, it seems that the gangsters have the upper hand.