Chilling 9-1-1 Call Details Aborted Baby's Final Moments

Alissa Lopez | May 24, 2016
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Despite what pro-abortionists claim, sometimes babies survive abortions. 

Such was the case back in February in Pheonix, Arizona when a newborn, fighting for its life, was brought into Banner University Medical Center by a city fire department worker. The child was born during a botched late-term abortion performed by Eleanor Stanley at the Family Planning Associations abortion clinic. 

NBC 11 Alive obtained 911 audio calls of the tragic event. 

“There was a termination that was performed,” the worker said. “There is a fetus that is breathing right now, so we need someone to do services.”

The 911 operator asks if the fetus has been harmed in any way.

The worker answered no, and said the fetus needed further help other than what the clinic could provide.

“The fetus is breathing so we need care for it now,” said the caller. “We can’t provide that care except for oxygen and we’re trying to keep the fetus stable until someone arrives.”

A baby needed immediate medical attention, even though it had not been harmed. Absolutely absurd.

It has been reported that the 21-week-old child died shortly after arriving at the medical center.The sex of the baby is unknown. He/she was named Chava, which means “life” in Hebrew, by the organization Pro-life Arizona. They hosted a vigil the day after Chava was brought into Banner Medical Center, which approximately 45 pro-lifers attended.

Live Action News investigated the clinic in question back in 2012. The video released of their findings is immensely disheartening. It showed late-term abortion doctor Laura Mercer (who is no longer employed at the clinic), along with a counselor by the name of Linda, saying that if a baby survived the abortion but was struggling to survive, they would sit back and let it die.

Cases like this are when the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002 fails these newborns.

BAIPA would only extend to those hospitals and employees operated by the federal government or which receive federal funding; it would not prohibit private or state-operated clinics and hospitals from denying care or medical attention to born-alive infants.

As for what took place at the abortion clinic, and at Banner Medical Center once the baby arrived, news outlets were left uninformed about the abortion survivor. Local media outlets found it difficult to get comments from the staff at both the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic and Banner University Medical Center. The Arizona Republic reportedly attempted on multiple occasions to contact two workers at the abortion clinic, but never received a response.

The news outlet did state that a spokeswoman for the medical center, whose name is unknown, refused to confirm or deny that the baby ever existed. But another spokeswoman by the name of Jodie Snyder did comment on the situation the following day, saying that the Banner University Medical Center Pheonix was not caring for a baby that survived an abortion procedure.

Snyder made that announcement Saturday Feb. 27. But the event page created by Pro-life Arizona for the organized vigil confirms that the child was brought in on Friday, Feb. 26.

So in a sense, what Snyder said is correct. But the only reason I can’t call it a bold-faced lie is because the baby was already dead. 

Kat Sabine, executive director for the pro-abortion rights organization NARAL, defended the abortionists' role in the baby's unnecessary death:

“Nobody did anything wrong,” said Kat Sabine, Executive Director of the Arizona chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America in April when she spoke with 12 News.

“Absolutely nobody did anything wrong. The doctor, in fact, did everything right,” said Sabine.

In her statement to the police, Stanley, the abortionist who performed the procedure, said she believed that the baby had died before the procedure. She claims to have provided the mother “miscarriage” medication prior to the procedure and was unable to find a heartbeat the day of the abortion. She supposedly checked for a heartbeat multiple times.

I highly doubt that. Either way, she should have checked harder. 

The investigation was closed. No charges were filed. Yet again, another innocent life taken, with no one held accountable.