Chris Rock Praises Trump, Criticizes ‘Politically Correct Backlash’

Mark Judge | May 5, 2017
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Comedian Chris Rock has praised Donald Trump.

Interviewed in the new issue of Rolling Stone, Rock talks about running into Trump in New York in the early 1990s, when Trump was a real estate mogul and not president and Rock was on “Saturday Night Live.”

"Trump would walk in and women would be all over him," Rock told writer Stephen Rodrick. "And you'd say, 'That's Donald motherf*cking Trump.' I give him this, too: He just never really gave a f*ck. You'd see him out all the time, but he'd have his suit on, his red tie. He was never trying to be someone else.”

Rock also commented on a notorious 1996 routine in which he separated African-Americans into two groups, responsible “black people” and those who are more antisocial. Rock used a racial epithet to describe the later, causing an uproar. From the Rolling Stone article:

Rock has always been a mix of Lenny Bruce social commentary and his dad Julius Rock's fierce sense of personal accountability. Julius was a longtime New York Daily News truck driver, and he did not suffer those who did not shoulder their burden. His father's teachings could be seen at the root of one of his son's most famous bits, "black people versus niggas," from his 1996 Bring the Pain tour.

It's a routine, Rock says, that he couldn't do now. "The joke wouldn’t work because there would be so much freaking backlash," he says. "Too much politically correct backlash."


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