'Circle Back': WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki's Go-To Answer for Avoiding Transparency

Nick Kangadis | January 27, 2021
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It’s not really clear what people were expecting in terms of transparency within the new Biden administration. But if we go by the “expertise” of current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, people will have more questions than answers for the next four years.

In what has already become a noticeable trend, Psaki seems to use the same phrase — “circle back” — over and over when being asked questions about what President Joe Biden and his administration are doing, among other questions.

Psaki has basically become a walking meme at this point, and we’re only one week into the new presidency.

Take a look:


There’s that transparency we were talking about earlier.

Either Psaki is being only being asked questions about classified information, severely underprepared for her job, severely underprepared compared to former press secretaries Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany or the Biden administration is deliberately withholding information from the American press and people. It can only be one of those options.

However you look at it, at least the new administration is really good at one thing — providing the people with a laugh while not even trying to be funny.