'Circle Back,' A White House Nightmare – A Review

Eric Scheiner | February 2, 2021
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‘Circle Back’ is a real life movie about a lack of transparency, avoidance, and an administration that has no real answers.

Directed by Joe Biden, who has been involved with political horror shows longer than most of his audience has been alive, this particular script is written in executive orders and is filled with a series of chills.

Whether you are terrified by baby-killing and dismemberment, massive job losses or are a woman terrified of losing all you have worked and competed for (as sports ‘for women’ are obliterated), Circle Back covers a variety of topics destined to horrify the viewer.

Adding to the discomfort is Jen Psaki’s performance as the White House spokesperson. If you thought her role in ‘The Missing Eight Minutes’ at the State Department a few years ago was disturbing, her role in avoidance of actual facts has never been more refined. 

Few can obscure so much while saying so little. Her repetition of the phrase “circle back” blurs any possible factual answer into a meaningless string of words that placates a willing media eager to hide actual information that could damage an administration. In this respect, “Circle Back” is a follow up to “Hunter’s Laptop Is Russian Disinformation” which debuted on cable television news outlets during the election season.

This latest horror show is currently playing at The White House. IQ's over 25 not admitted.