Climate Crazies Tried To Vandalize a Dinosaur Skeleton...and It Didn't Go So Well

Brittany M. Hughes | April 11, 2023
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Which, in this particular case, means ending up flat on your back looking like a moron.

Two would-be vandals with the “Just Stop Oil” climate fear mongering movement were laid out by security guards after climbing over a protective fence around a sculpture at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry. Daniel Knorr, 21, and Victoria Lindsell, 67, had just shopped over the low perimeter around “Dippy the Diplodocus,” one of the world’s most famous and complete dinosaur skeletons, before being flipped off their feet by two outraged security personnel who were…let’s just say, less than enthused by the breach.

But as much as a bummer as it is to know people like these two idiots exist and are willing to damage priceless artifacts in their ridiculous crusade, the scene was pretty hilarious to watch.

Police say the pair had with them “two large bags of dry paint,” which they were presumably going t use to vandalize the fossil in their attention-seeking quest to stop global warming. Knorr and Lindsell were held on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage, according to the BBC.

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As funny as this incident may have ended, many displays of idiocy by "Just Stop Oil" activists haven't been nearly as pleasant. Vandals associated with the movement have thrown soup and mashed potatoes on famous paintings in museums across Europe, and one group had to be forcibly hauled out of the street by angry motorists in London.

OK - that one was pretty funny, too.