Clouding Over the Same-Sex Marraige Debate

danjoseph | June 10, 2011
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The debate over same-sex marriage has never really been about "equality."  The entire argument is actually about the meaning of the word "marriage" and the national conversation has always been about whether we should redefine what that word means.

After all, under the current definition of "marriage," everyone has the same access to the cherished institution.  Any one person--be they gay or straight--is permitted to marry any other individual of the opposite sex.  Marriage currently does not discriminate by disallowing anyone to participate in marriage under these rules. 

But should we change the rules?

In this video two well-respected lawyers argue that the fight to redefine that term is the equivalent of the fight to allow people of two different races to marry.It's a strong argument. 

One could say that if marriage was defined as being between a man and a woman of the same color, that marriage was still defined the same way for everyone.  They'd be correct. 

The question ultimately is whether or not we as a society should reject a culture in which we recognize inherent differences between those of different genders the same way that we have rejected a culture that claims that there are inherent differences between people of different races.

Whatever your views on same-sex marriage, the debate needs to be based on the law and not clouded over with inconsistent arguments based on religion nor unfounded accusations of "hate" and "bigotry" against homosexuals.

If we're going to have this debate, let's be honest about it and admit that the outcome will decide little more than the definition of a word. 

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