CNN Coronavirus Town Hall To Feature...Al Gore and Spike Lee

Brittany M. Hughes | May 7, 2020
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CNN is all set to hold a town hall event to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and governmental response – a town hall that well apparently feature…Al Gore and Spike Lee?


Hosted by Anderson Cooper, the televised (and properly socially distanced) event, hilariously titled "Facts and Fears," is scheduled to air Thursday, the 10th installment of the network’s town hall program focusing on the pandemic. Thankfully, CNN thought to include someone other than the world’s chief climate fearmonger and a virulently anti-Trump movie director: also participating is an epidemiologist named Maria van Kerkhove…who’s also a World Health Organization expert and a COVID-19 tech lead, for whatever that’s worth.

Now, what qualifies Gore and Lee to speak at a town hall about the coronavirus is anyone’s guess -- although the liberal media have been throwing both of these men the microphone to discuss all manner of things that lie outside their jurisdiction. Gore has long been tapped as a spokesperson for the global warming crusade, despite having no scientific background or experience, and despite the vast majority of his doomsday predictions being wildly off.

Likewise, Lee, who makes a living directing make-believe, has been interviewed ad nauseum on allegations of President Trump’s alleged racism.

While CNN's town hall might be woefully devoid of facts, it should deliver soundly on its promise of fears: namely that one of the biggest names in "news" is relying on self-aggrandized activists and celebrities as their "experts." 

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