CNN Goes For Broke, Pushes For Gov't-Mandated Jabs Imposed On Everyone

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 12, 2021

With more intensity than ever, CNN is pushing the unconstitutional totalitarian tyranny of mandated jabs for all people on U.S. soil – that’s over and above the already unconstitutional federal viral research overseen by the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the unconstitutional use of tax cash to pay big pharma interests to create mRNA “vaccines.”

First up, the so-called “news network” rolled out former George HW Bush advisor Dr. Jonathan Reiner to its dwindling audience, allowing him to spout his authoritarian mishmash of “mandate it, but not through government, through employment” nonsense.

(A hint to Jonathan: if an employer asks an employee to get a jab, that’s not a mandate, it’s a request, and if it’s a firing-level demand not in the original terms of employment, that’s a breach of contract issue.)

Appearing Thursday, July 8, with hostess Erin Burnett, the esteemed former hack for President New World Order said:

I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines.

Buuut, he hedged, adding:

And I think that private industry and private organizations will do that.

Curiously, his employer, Jesuit Georgetown, just happens to be the university that co-produced (along with Johns Hopkins) the infamous “Model State Emergency Health Powers Act” in 2001, a piece of legislation that was passed in virtually every statehouse and claimed for the Executive branches of those states the power to enact lockdowns in complete contravention of the Contract Clause of the U.S. Constitution, most of the Bill of Rights, and most of those state constitutions.

But hey, who are we to question a former Bush advisor who teaches at Georgetown?

Likewise, who could POSSIBLY question the gaslighting fanaticism of CNN advisor and former Planned Parenthood head, Dr. Leana Wen?

Appearing with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Saturday, July 10, Wen doubled-down on her previous statements about punishing the un-jabbed by excluding them from normal activity. Of course, for her, it’s all about painting punishment and tyranny in a different light, and depicting as wonderful the bits of freedom the government might allow you after being jabbed.

With Alisyn and others eagerly hanging on ever breathy word, Wen proceeded to use the forced-inclusion pronoun “WE” to mean what the government should do:

It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now, it’s kind of the opposite. It’s fine. I mean, it’s easy. If you’re unvaccinated you can do everything you wanna do anyway. But at some point these mandates by workplaces, by schools… I think it will be important to say, ‘Hey, you can opt out, but if you wanna opt out, you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice weekly testing.

In other words, you can’t “opt-out” without being punished, assaulted and tracked. That's coercion, not freedom.

But hey, Americans accepted the “false option” nonsense of the unconstitutional TSA being inserted in their airports, so who knows how many will accept this next imposition? After all, the propagandistas on “the news” say it’s really, really, really important.

Which brings us to Sunday’s appearance by the provably deceptive Fauci, whose umbrella agency co-owns the patent for the Moderna jab.

Chatting with the obsequious Jake Tapper, Fauci said:

I do believe at the local level, Jake, that there should be more mandates. There really should be. We’re talking about life and death situations. We’ve lost 600,000 Americans already, and we’re still losing more people. There’ve been four-million deaths worldwide. This is serious business. So I am in favor of that.

Serious business, indeed.

Of course, Fauci’s claims about the death stats are nonsense, and he has to be aware of that niggling little fact, since his own federal government subsidized medical centers to inflate the COVID19 death numbers, and the PCR test is highly unreliable beyond a cycle threshold of 28. There literally is no possible way any human being can know how many deaths have been or will be caused by Wuhan Coronavirus. Then, evidently not familiar with the Nuremburg Code or us statute, Fauci told the blithely feckless Tapper:

I think the hesitancy, at the local level, of doing mandates is because the vaccines haven’t been ‘officially, fully approved.’

Fauci snidely used air quotes as he said, “officially, fully approved,” as if that’s a trifle for the federal, state, or local governments. 

This kind of behavior is childish and beneath contempt. 

Mandating experimental injections on innocent people is explicitly forbidden by the Nuremburg Code, to which the U.S. is a signatory and which the U.S. government instituted in statute.

As The Desert Review observed in March:

In addition to this federal law, the FDA includes the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration on its website, emphasizing the fact that people cannot be forced to take experimental drugs without their full consent. Learn more at

And what happens when the unconstitutional FDA eventually “gives” its approval for the mRNA jabs to no longer be called “experimental?”

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Then, we have to consider the forbidding prospect of Joe Biden’s plan to use your tax money to send lackeys door-to-door to check on your jab status.

“But,” one might say, “that’s not in the Constitution.”

And since when was any of the federal experimentation with viruses, the “response,” or upwards of 99 percent of federal activity constitutional? They use the word for rhetorical reasons when it suits them, even as they disregard it as a matter of course. After all, that’s how Fauci’s job was created decades ago.

“But,” one might say, “I’ll tell them I have privacy protection, under HIPAA.”

The problem is, when RINOs like Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and hardcore leftists like Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) got together to pass that 1996 statute (officially known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) they applied it to private businesses – on whom the US government had no enumerated power to apply it. And within the statute is the claim by the feds that the government can collect your medical data at any time, contrary to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

That might be why the governing body of Lake County, Illinois, has been exposed for prepping documents to coach door-to-door “vaccine strike force members” on how to intimidate and harass without calling it that.

In its document entitled, “Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project,” the county overlords tell prospective tax-paid employees to, among other things:

  • Ignore no soliciting signs. You're not soliciting! You're offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal. 
  • Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on! 

All for a virus the survivability rate averaged for all cohorts is 99.97 percent – even with the inflated government stats.

Keep this in mind when fall approaches and the FDA comes closer to recklessly giving the “full approval” label to the mRNA jabs.

When a shock trooper comes to my door to ask if I’ve been vaccinated, I honestly can tell that person that I have, because I’ve had lots of vaccinations in my life. I’ve just never had an experimental mRNA gene vector injection.

The time is short to tell friends and family members about this gaslighting propaganda, about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the deeper ethics of liberty.

While we can, we can warn them that when a slickster like Fauci makes claims about acting for “public health,” he immediately signals that individual rights will be forfeit to the collective.

There is no such thing as “public health.” There is only individual health, and Fauci should know that.

People who subsume the individual to the group, people for whom the state is more important than the individual…? Their philosophy belongs in the dustbin of history, like the ideas and people put on trial in Nuremberg.

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