CNN Pimps HARDER For 'Vaccine-Passports'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 26, 2021
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Over the past three weeks, CNN and its gaggle of government-loving, rights-fearing teleprompter-readers repeatedly have raised their rhetorical pom-poms to cheer for unconstitutional jab mandates and so-called “vaccine passports.” But, last week, the prick-pimps pushed their authoritarian agenda to the level of a primal scream.

On July 22, the network trotted out their “Medical Advisor” and incredibly “ethical” former head of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen, to repeat her spurious “pull-the-string-get-the-pat-lines” that:

  1. Everyone should get the vaccine and have a “passport” (the government mark) to prove it, and…
  2. Unless there are easy-to-read, so-called, vaccine passports, store-owners have to do as she says, and mandate masks.

In her strange, holier-than-thou manner, she told the tiny, masochistic, CNN audience.

If you’re going to the grocery store, and the grocery store doesn’t have the capacity to enforce some kind of proof of vaccination, then they have to say that indoor masking needs to apply, because we don’t know who’s vaccinated and who’s not. 

Of course, the fact that the store is private property, over which the owner should be able to make his or her own decisions on how to welcome voluntary entrance and work – that’s lost on her. So is the fact that the federal and state governments are forbidden from instituting these kinds “passports,” and mask mandates.

Wen expressed the same foolish, baseless notion for public schools.

Schools, you can’t expect the teacher in every school to be asking ‘well you’re not wearing a mask so are you vaccinated or not?’ And so that’s the case, everyone should be wearing masks.

And, of course, this paragon of “public health” virtue also wants to tell people who run or decide to visit or work in concert halls and bars what they can do.

But I can imagine there are already concert venues or workplaces that are saying ‘if you are not vaccinated, you can’t come, or you have to get a negative test.’ And that’s what’s needed in order to really incentivize vaccines at this point.

One can ask Wen what she would have politicians command if those folks DIDN”T demand fascist jab-papers. 

She and the other vipers slithering around on CNN never acknowledge that their “passport” really is a government ID card/permit to engage in peaceful, voluntary association.

Such clownish, elitist nonsense is beneath contempt, but it’s not rare for Wen, who previously called for “twice-a-day” PCR tests (tests so questionable, the FDA just issued a recall) for the un-jabbed, and for making it as difficult as possible for the un-jabbed to engage in regular life.

And this elitism is not rare for others on CNN, which, later that day, saw Anderson Cooper engage in a completely unpredictable duet with Andy Slavitt, former Biden “COVID response” advisor and author of “Preventable,” a book pushing government authoritarianism relative to COVID19.

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What a surprise, Slavitt wants to see governments and businesses mandate jabs once they’re given the anticipated “full approval” by the FDA. And then…

We should be really seriously considering whether schools, workplaces, government agencies ought to be saying, ‘Hey, if you’re coming here, you need to be vaccinated. If you’re not, you need to show you have a negative test every single day. 

And he added:

Look, if people say they don’t want to be vaccinated, which some people might say, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that’s fine. We want you to show up every morning an hour before work and get a negative test. Maybe even at your own expense. Until the point where people will say, you know what? It makes more sense to actually get vaccinated. If you give people that option, I think you’re going to see more and more people take the option to get vaccinated.


That’s a curious term for “mandate.”

And, who is this “WE” he mentions? Why, that would be bureaucrats and politicians, creating mandates on business owners and employees and potential consumers, all of whom are supposed to be able to engage in voluntary association free from Mr. Slavitt’s preferred political edicts.

Steve Watson does an excellent job covering this for SummitNews, and he’s come to calling CNN, “VNN,” for Vax-News-Network.

It seems an appropriate moniker, since CNN loves these government-protected jabs so much, and loves Slavitt so much, they had him join Brian Stelter over the weekend, to – get this - comment on Stelter’s claim that it was “fear-mongering” to talk about negative side-effects from any of the jabs.

Finally, CNN’s Michael Smerconish cozied-up to Georgetown Law prof and authoritarian creator of the 2001 “Model State Emergency Health Powers Act” – a major driver of various state COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 – Lawrence Gostin, who parroted the chirpings of the others, adding:

“They either get the jab, or they have to get two tests per week, they have to mask-up.” 

Have to.

If you’ve read a few of my MRCTV pieces over the past week, you might have noticed mention of Gostin’s creation and the attack on private, freely agreed-to association that it and these CNN chants represent. This lack of respect for private property and for our freedom to associate is at the heart of every one of their authoritarian rituals.

The measures CNN promotes won’t confer anything but more control to the politically connected – to people like those at CNN and their rotating merry-go-round of camera-seekers who spout the same unfounded, unethical, unconstitutional, immoral nonsense.