CNN's Chris Cuomo Snubs Rape Survivor's Gun Rights Pitch: 'Only In America'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 29, 2019
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo found himself in some hot water Wednesday after seeming to casually dismiss a rape survivor’s story about why she values her Second Amendment right to carry a firearm.

In a video published by the National Rifle Association on social media, victim advocate and gun rights supporter Kimberly Corban detailed how she was brutally raped in college by a stranger who broke into her off-campus apartment and violently assaulted her for two hours, explaining how the traumatic experience changed the way she viewed her right to self-defense.

"I'm a mother of two, and if that predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first. I will never be unarmed or utterly vulnerable ever again,” Corban declares in the video.

In his retweet of the clip, Cuomo, a vocal media critic of gun rights and brother to New York City’s anti-gun Mayor Andrew Cuomo, seemed to wave off Corban’s story as…well, pretty inconsequential.


Needless to say, Cuomo’s blasé attitude toward Corban’s harrowing first-hand story didn’t sit too well with most readers.


Eventually, even Corban herself chimed in – and was far more gracious than Cuomo deserved.

Of course, if one wanted to be particularly benevolent, you could assume Cuomo didn’t know Corban’s story before casually dismissing her pro-gun stance. But giving him that benefit of the doubt would mean admitting he didn’t actually listen to what this woman had to say before snidely brushing off her story.

Which is pretty sexist, don’t you think?