Coast Guard Rescuer In Danger OF Losing His Job Due To Vaccine Mandate

John Simmons | October 4, 2022
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Imagine being a member of the Coast Guard that helped save some of the victims affected by Hurricane Ian and still be in danger of losing your job in a matter of months.

That is the reality that First Class Rescue Swimmer Chad Watson is facing after he has firmly decided he would not get the COVID-19 vaccine. Watson has applied to get a religious exemption for the vaccine but was denied twice by the Coast Guard (he is set to retire in two years).

"It doesn't change the grounds on why we're refusing the vaccine in the first place," Watson said on “Fox and Friends.” "It's faith-based. We don't agree with how it was developed, and we don't agree that it's also necessary. COVID seems to be very mild symptoms for us that are in excellent health and given our job, we're required to be in excellent health."

Watson was alluding to the fact that fetal cells were used in the development of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is a justifiable reason for anyone - religious or not - to avoid taking the vaccine. But thanks to the woke trajectory our armed forces are on, the religious exemption rarely holds any value in the eyes of superiors.

Watson and several of his friends are facing the same dilemma: get boosted or lose your job. But Watson said that he will not get the vaccine if it means going against his convictions.

"Because my faith and my belief is more important than that," Watson said. "If I compromise that, I compromise everything I stand for."

Unfortunately, Watson's case is just one of thousands the military is dealing with. Watch the video to see just how bad the situation has become in the military as a whole.