Colorado Court Rules Against Masterpiece Cakeshop's Jack Phillips - AGAIN - For Refusing To Make a 'Gender Transition' Cake

Brittany M. Hughes | January 27, 2023
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It seems at this point that the saga of Jack Phillips will be never-ending until his death or until Jesus returns, thanks to leftists who’re so unhappy with their own pathetic lives that they feel it necessary to ruin his.

Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, became a household name in political circles after first being sued by a gay couple when he politely declined to make custom edible art for their same-sex wedding ceremony. After fighting his way through the courts, Phillips won a victory - albeit a narrow one.- in the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, when the 9-panel bench ruled 7 to 2 that  the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had not employed religious neutrality when charging Phillips with “discriminating” against the gay couple.

But the court never ruled on the broader issue of whether a business owner could deny services to certain people based on their closely held religious beliefs, leaving the door wide open for other rabid leftists to target Phillips with their own incendiary lawsuits.

And it’s a doorway they’ve been happy to stroll through. In March of 2021, a transgender woman - i.e., a man, who will always be a man - sued Phillips after the Christian baker refused to make a cake celebrating his gender “transition.” And it seems that once agin, the Powers That Be in Colorado are more than happy to throw out the Constitution, its religious freedom protections, and all basic rules of the free market to appease the Alphabet Mafia and their perpetual temper tantrums.

The Colorado Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled in favor of Autumn Scardina, a trans “woman” and lawyer who intentionally targeted Phillips with a suit-seeking request to make his “transition” celebration cake, an order he knew Phillips would refuse to fill and over which Scardina was already prepared to sue.

The court inexplicably ruled that the cake, which Scardina wanted to be pink with blue frosting specifically to commemorate his “coming out” as female, had “no inherent meaning or expressed message,” and that Scardina enjoyed a “protected status” because the requested cake didn’t express a “religious” message that Phillips should have found objectionable to his own faith.

No, really.

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And so we once again have a situation in which a court isn’t just violating a person’s religious freedom, but also directly targeting the First Amendment’s free speech clause by mandating that Phillips “say” - through artful expression - something which which he fundamentally disagrees, and which would violate his conscience and the sincerely held faith-based values he subscribes to.

Thankfully, with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom, Phillips will appeal the Colorado court’s ruling. But the fact that he has to - and that it’s not simply understood that no one should be forced at the point of a government gun to create, say, or otherwise express something that they find objectionable - reveals the rot at the core of the American “justice” system, and in the hearts of the narcissistic left.