Colorado School Students Walk Out In Protest Over Mask Mandate

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 2, 2021

High school and middle school students in Douglas County, Colorado, initiated ongoing walkouts Wednesday, to protest government mandates that they wear masks while in school.

Denver television Channel 7’s Gary Brode reports that, despite potential punishment, political prisoners at Thunder Ridge High in Highland Ranch, Legend High in Parker, and Ranch View Middle School in Highland Ranch, all broke out to join many of their parents in public protests against Douglas County bureaucrats who are following, lock-step, political diktats from “on high.”

Students walked out of class around 9:30 Wednesday, demanding an end to masks in class. This comes two days after the Tri-County Health Department issued a new mask order for all students and staff from pre-school to 12th grade.

Because, as we all know, not only do kids have a very low risk of becoming ill from or spreading COVID19  and not only are the costs and benefits of mask-wearing highly in dispute, public education is really, really great, and extremely responsive to parental preferences, and allows people to withdraw their money if they aren’t satisfied.


Wait. Sorry… Those last two statements are 100 percent wrong. For both performance and responsiveness, public schools are sad, criminal, jokes perpetrated on generations.

And it looks like a lot of students and parents in Douglas County know it.

’There’s enough parents, and there’s enough scientific data to show otherwise, that this is just not a necessary option that they have to take, and there are enough students that feel the same way,’ said parent Amy Ellis.

But the officious Tri-County Health Department -- which issues tax-paid recommendations and commands for Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties – disagrees, and does so in very general terms that, as some have speculated, could be utilized far into the future:

The Health Department told Brode:

We understand that some parents and students are frustrated and disagree with the mask requirement, but masks provide protection and prevent the spread of disease which allows students to remain in school where they learn best.

None of which is verified, but don’t worry about that, just be sure kids are muzzled, trapped in a one-size-fits-all parasitic tax-gobbler, and propagandized for twelve insufferable years, or more.

And, of course, as we are seeing with so many multi-level bureaucrats around the world, as we see the rising tally of sycophants who blithely and in servile fashion follow the orders of their political superiors -- regardless of morality, ethics, and Natural Rights -- the Douglas County pencil-pushers are “going along to get along”, and pushing pat political lines that reveal the inherent practical problem of government schools.

Douglas County Schools tells Denver7 ‘The Douglas County School District continues to balance the challenges of the ongoing COVID pandemic. We will follow the recent public health order issued by the Tri-County Health Department, which requires all students and staff in preschool through twelfth-grade to wear a mask while inside school buildings. Additionally, we will work with our families and staff members who cannot tolerate a mask due to medical or mental health reasons. Our goal is to keep our students and staff in the classroom for in-person learning.’

But, of course, the district cannot, and should not, be the body attempting to “balance the challenges.” Those challenges are subjective according to student and parental needs, principles, and preferences. No matter how many adjustments and attempted carve-outs the administrators try to make, they simply cannot accommodate for all the varying interests and desires of kids, parents, and other taxpayers.

The fact that kids and parents are fed-up with the mask mandates is indicative of a much bigger, deeper, and endemic problem.

It’s the fact that, no matter how much they issue commands and soft-peddle propaganda to cloak those edicts, bureaucrats can’t get all kids and parents to swallow the propaganda pills.

That’s why the students are protesting, and why more protests will occur, over this and other issues, as long as government takes people’s money to keep kids locked in catastrophically absurd public schools.


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