Colorado Teachers Directed Kids To Tape Masks To Their Faces

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 15, 2021
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The crushing tendency of tax-paid elitists to arrogantly assume the posture that they “know better” for kids than parents seems to know no bounds. And now, a Denver television station reports that public school teachers in Colorado Springs have been caught directing students to tape “masks” to their faces.

Danielle Chavira writes for Denver CBS4:

An investigation into whether teachers in Colorado Springs taped masks onto students’ faces. The Academy School District 20 says four teachers at Chinook Trail Middle School did not tape the masks on the students themselves, but say the teachers directed the students to do so.

And it wasn’t a case of eager students asking how best to strap face-diapers to heads.

The district adds they determined the students believed they were supposed to tape the masks on their faces.

What a wonderful system of coercion, from the tax-shakedown start, to the mask-directive finish.

Specific details about any consequences the teachers might face were not revealed, although officials say the teachers and leadership met with the students to talk about the situation.

And Chavira notes:

The school vows to ‘do better.’

How nice.

Curiously, whether public schools improve or to not improve, they get more and more money from taxpayers.

The core issue here is not the fact that COVID-19 represents a near-zero risk to children. It is not the debated efficacy of masks. It is not even the shocking and offensive “directive” to make kids put on the masks.

It is the immorality at the heart of the tax-funded school paradigm.

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As opposed to the private sector, in which people are not forced to pay for anything, government school systems rely on the force of the polis to threaten parents and other taxpayers to fund the “education” system. This leads to arguing, disparate opinions, an inability to allow for different opinions, and a disconnection between quality control and funds. Without the ability to withhold funds, one cannot count on improvement --- and government schools are a powerful reminder of this truth.

The issue of “protecting kids” in schools circles and circles around the drain, as different interest groups try to push the tax-fueled machine to roll the way they desire, and this applies to not just masks, but school content, school schedules, and much more.

Why not try a different route? The route that dominated the excellent U.S. education system through much of American history until the late Eighteenth Century?

That would be private, competitive, church-based, home-school-oriented, competitive systems that don’t force anyone – be they pro-mask, or anti-mask – to pay.

This insulting story is one of many like it, and emblematic of a larger problem.

We can address both these mask issues and the wider trouble by turning away from tax-funded schools.