Commie Gobbledygook: Xi Jinping Says All 'Major Economies Should See the World as One Community'

Nick Kangadis | January 18, 2022
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I’m not going to spend too much time on this, because people who hate the United States and what it means, or at least used to mean, don’t deserve it. But, what Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping said during the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) virtual session on Monday bears repeating, because this is where globalist leaders around the world want the direction of all countries to go.

While Xi said a lot of things that paint the communist Chinese government, and country in general, as a transparent, tolerant utopia, it’s the direction he feels the world at large should go in that should raise alarm bells, especially since it was said during a meeting hosted by “The Great Resetters” and Chinese shills, the WEF.

Here’s what he said in full context, according to the Chinese Global Television Network's (CGTN) transcription:

A common understanding among us is that to turn the world economy from crisis to recovery, it is imperative to strengthen macro-policy coordination. Major economies should see the world as one community, think in a more systematic way, increase policy transparency and information sharing, and coordinate the objectives, intensity and pace of fiscal and monetary policies, so as to prevent the world economy from plummeting again. Major developed countries should adopt responsible economic policies, manage policy spillovers, and avoid severe impacts on developing countries. International economic and financial institutions should play their constructive role to pool global consensus, enhance policy synergy and prevent systemic risks.

So not only does this communist think that all people should think and act alike, he wants all countries to do the same, if for no other reason than to have the ability to bail his country out every time their communist policies ultimately fail.

Just thought you all should know what China’s plan is, particularly because the U.S. has a president that many people, including yours truly, have named, “Beijing Biden” — who is ironically the same person who has co-opted the WEF mantra of “Build, Back, Better.”

In case you were wondering where I stand on all of this, as if you couldn't tell already, I'll just let the late, great Norm Macdonald say it for me (Note: One word of foul language):

For video of Xi’s full speech to the WEF, watch below: