'Community Organizer' Claims End of Tax-Funded 'College Debt Relief' Is 'White Supremacist'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 22, 2023
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If the history of tax-backed welfarism teaches us anything, it is that the redistribution of wealth from earners to politically-selected recipients not only enslaves the original earner, it traps the recipient in an artificial world of low expectations for oneself, and incessant expectations of more handouts. Welfarism incentivizes the recipient to view himself or herself as a “victim” who only can get by if government engages in perpetual “equity” handouts.

Both sides of that equation undercut prosperity and personal happiness – but the politicians pushing the system, and the oft self-righteous recipients of the ill-gotten graft, either know they wield a potent rhetorical cudgel, or they actually believe the canard that innocent Americans today “owe” them something, despite never having harmed anyone.

Case in point, Former University of Rochester student Makia Green, a “community organizer” who already saw tax-slaves force to pay part of her debt via the AmeriCorps program. According to Fortune and the Associated Press, Green's now upset that an anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decision (or, for that matter, any congressional or Executive Branch “change” that decreases the “debt” handouts) could halt Joe Biden’s recent addition to the legacy of “college debt forgiveness” that many Americans don’t know actually was established during the Obama Administration.

In fact, she’s so upset by the possibility that she and others might not continue to have their college bills paid by others, she depicts the idea driving that possible end as…

White supremacist.

"’This is white supremacy at work,’ Green said. ‘This is a long tactic of conservative, white supremacist-leaning groups to use education and limit Black people’s access to education, as a way to further control and oppress us.’"

Is it, really? Or are the recipients of the filthy “debt-forgiveness” lucre, as well as those forced to pay her loans, actually all being controlled and oppressed?

The taxpayer is trapped by the government. The recipient is trapped by the welfarist mindset of low self-esteem and low expectations. Neither is sourced from any form of respect in the minds of the political class who run the game.

And, to direct another question to Ms. Green: Is it really ethical to label as “white supremacist” innocent people who oppose their own enslavement and the enslavement of other taxpayers who will be forced to work for the slave-master state and see their work benefit other people?

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What can justify that support for political slavery?

Evidently, Ms. Green feels that she deserves it. She has, as she explains, “been through enough.”

“I feel like working people have been through enough — I have been through enough. From a pandemic, an uprising, a recession, the cost of living price going up. I deserved some relief.”

Case closed. A tough couple of years, somehow uniquely her own, mean other people owe her something. They should step it up and hand out their money to cover the college “education” she willingly asked for and took on.

One wonders which is more jaw-dropping: the number of Americans who, like Green, believe they are owed something by others, or the additional propaganda that it is “white supremacist” to call out that insane and insulting concept.

Of course, looking at this rhetoric offers us a chance to review the history of this “college debt” subsidy/forgiveness idiocy, so, in a way, perhaps Green’s haughty selfishness can serve a valuable purpose. In 2017, I wrote about the problem of federal involvement in college grants and loans, highlighting the unconstitutional nature of the decades-old payoffs, as well as their expansion, and how they have helped drive up the cost of college. Here’s some of that history…

In 1958, then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower pushed the National Defense Education Act, handing federal loans to colleges, allowing the colleges, in turn, to loan easy-money to students (all in the name of “national defense”, of course). It wasn’t constitutional, and it was an insulting twist on the idea of “national defense.”

But he soon was outdone, by the squeaky-clean Lyndon B. Johnson, who, in 1965 finagled the unconstitutional Higher Education Act that started direct college loans called Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL). Soon thereafter, Dick Nixon introduced Sallie Mae (the Federal Student Loan Marketing Association) to buy up student loans held by private banks, inspiring an even greater moral hazard of riskier loans, and then the feds expanded student loans via Pell Grants in 1972. Soon, Jimmy Carter hopped aboard the runaway college welfare train, and signed the Middle Income Student Assistance Act of 1978, and then Ronald Reagan and a “bi-partisan Congress” increased the number of Pell Grants and pushed government payments to universities by more than 30%.

But that must not be enough for Ms. Green.

Perhaps she would be happy to know that the "welfare-for-college-collectivists" continued…

After George H. W. Bush signed into law the 1992 William B. Ford Direct Student Loan Program (part of the reauthorization of Johnson’s 1965 Higher Education Act),  Bill Clinton began phasing-in even more direct student loan lending, and George W. Bush exploded student loans in 2007, likening the move to the above-mentioned “GI Bill” and adding this in a radio announcement

“A slowdown in the economy shouldn’t mean a downturn in educational opportunities…”

Sadly, George didn’t grasp the fact that, when it comes to for-payment “educational” systems, it should. It means a downturn in a lot of opportunities and it is not the place of politicians to decide that such a “slowdown” excuses additional breaches of the Constitution and additional breaches of ethics through even more redistribution of wealth.

Of course, Bush got away with his offense, and, as you might expect, the next occupant at the White House made things far worse.

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Not only did Barack Obama push the special deal to let “Americorps” members get debt handouts, he also signed into law a bill that essentially allowed students to only pay back loans up to 10% of their income, and default on the remainder after 20 years.

And who holds all those loans? That would be the feds, i.e. the taxpayers, i.e. future generations who will be born into tax slavery without any say whatsoever.

So, not only are we being asked to pay off huge portions of student debt that the students willingly took on themselves, we are being put on the hook should the students default.

Do you remember having a choice in any of that?

Biden’s “Student Loan Forgiveness” plan was announced in August. He wants to do it through Executive Action, and it would see the unconstitutional “Department of Education” forgive an ADDITIONAL $20,000 per loan. And by “forgive” they mean: make you and your progeny pay as the people who willingly got the loans turn their backs and tell you that if you don’t pay, you’re racist.

SCOTUS likely will rule on the “executive” action pathway of this scheme, not on the constitutional or moral validity of the Department of Education or redistribution of wealth. And, until the ruling is announced, people like Ms. Green will keep spouting the racialist rhetoric. In fact, she likely will keep it up, regardless of the decision. After all, Marxists long ago slid their “redistribution of wealth” ideology into the glove of “racial-ethnic-gender equity” as Postmodernism and “Identity Politics” proved to be easy means to lever more government power and more collectivism.

It’s a shame that these contemporary collectivists don’t understand that they don’t just enslave taxpayers when they push this welfarism. They enslave the recipients in a world of victim-identity and low expectations.

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