Concerned Virginia Parents Say They're Being Targeted Online By 'Woke' Leftists

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | May 11, 2023
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Following a school board hearing where Loudoun, Virginia residents expressed their opposition to woke propaganda in schools, Loudoun residents have dealt with numerous threats on social media.

There’s a group on Facebook called the “Loudoun Love Warriors," and it includes campaign volunteers, supporters and staff for numerous elected officials in the area. 7News obtained “hundreds of messages” from a whistleblower who was once in the group and believed the messages that followed a school board hearing in 2022 went “too far," saying that some were threatening toward parents.

The threats were primarily toward one dad named Mark Winn who, back in 2022 told the school board that, “[LGBT] behaviors should never have been promoted, taught, or encouraged in the schools that you oversee" before paraphrasing from the Bible, “If any man or woman causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for [them] if a millstone to be put around your neck and thrown into the lake."

"Get back to reading, writing and arithmetic and quit grooming and pimping," Winn told the school board at the time.

It wasn’t until Winn received a phone call from his local sheriff's department that he found out he was being threatened online. 

Some of the threats were from one individual who wrote in the closed group, “Mark Winn. I’m gonna find his employer,” “And holding that company accountable until he is fired,” “Let's make him unemployable by love or by force,” “Say goodbye to your job f***** [middle finger emoji],” and one that said, “I want to contact his employer to do just that. Ruin his livelihood.”  

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Others wrote things like, “Lives needs to be ruined beyond repair,” “Let's actually destroy them. Grind them,” and “If he had said that s*** about black kids or autistic kids I would shoot him.”

Well, they seem nice. 

To make matters worse, a Loudoun County real estate agent apparently posted Winn’s address in the Facebook group. 

All this is happening while Winn’s wife is battling Stage 4 cancer and all because he stood up for his beliefs, tried to protect kids, and quoted from the Bible. 

Unfortunately, Winn wasn't the only Loudoun resident who received threats from the group. A parent named Scott Mineo said that people went after his job in hopes that he’d get fired. Unfortunately, he was in fact let go. Elicia Brand, another area parent, claimed, “I do feel like if they saw me, they would come after me,” and called the threats against her on the group page “domestic terrorism."

In a statement to 7News, Brand said that she hopes authorities investigate the threats against her, Mineo and Winn.

“And I hope that Merrick Garland is true to his word, and we'll have the FBI investigate these women and these men who are using their positions in their associations with our elected officials and the candidates that are running to harm us. They truly are trying to silence the opposition,” she said.

Brand was spot on when she mentioned how the Powers That Be are trying to “silence the opposition." A similar thing happened in 2021 when another Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” was investigated over “stalking, harassment, and racketeering" after the group reportedly created a “hit list” to target those who opposed their woke ideologies. 

It really is a shame that in 21st Century America, we are dealing with legitimate domestic terrorists who are attacking people whose views don’t align exactly their own, and it’s disturbing that no mainstream media companies even care enough to mention it. 

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