'Conservative' European Group to Combat Human Trafficking of Migrants into Europe

Nick Kangadis | July 17, 2017
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Human trafficking has become a major problem in the Mediterranean Sea, as thousands of migrants who were promised a way out of the unrest in the African nation of Libya find themselves robbed of what little money they have and no chance at a future.

A segment of the European population has wised up to what has been happening, both in terms of human rights violations and what's been going on in their respective countries.

"Defend Europe," a newer, “conservative” European organization, has apparently taken up the mantel of combatting human trafficking.

The group has chartered a boat to patrol the Mediterranean “to expose the true face of so-called humanitarian organizations, their collaboration with smuggling mafias, and the deadly consequences of their actions at sea,” according to Defend Europe organizer Clement Galant.

The newly minted organization claims that human traffickers, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), are tricking migrants into making “donations” in order to procure a spot on substandard boats departing from Libya with a hopeful arrival at the nearest European port.

One of the missions of Defend Europe’s actions is to intercept migrant boats and hold the migrants until the Libyan coastguard can retrieve them and bring them back to the closest port.

Here is Defend Europe’s plan of action, according to its website:

With our ocean-going ship we want to go to the Mediterranean. As soon as we arrive there, we can overwatch the doings of the NGOs, disrupt the human trafficking rings by sinking the abandoned boats they leave behind, and intervene when something illegal happens. We will offer the Libyan Coastguard our support as an recon-ship. Our presence in front of the Libyan Coast will make the sea more secure. We will save anyone we can if we get an SOS-Signal, but we will make sure that they will be brought back to Africa. By exposing the collaboration of NGOs and human traffickers and destroying their abandoned boats, we can save lives in the future. Our presence in front of the Libyan coast is needed to save Europe and to save lives.

“When boats full of illegal migrants cross, our mission is to call the Libyan coastguard so that they can come and rescue them,” Galant said in a video posted to Facebook. “We will keep them safe in the meantime.”

The journey across the Mediterranean has proven perilous for many migrants traveling at the hands of human traffickers.

The Daily Caller reported:

More than 101,417 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea during 2017, with almost 85 percent arriving in Italy. So far, 2,353 drownings have been reported, according to the Missing Migrants Project[…]

Britain’s House of Lords committee released a report Wednesday saying existing EU efforts have failed to stop the people smuggling industry and does little to stem the influx of refugees.

“Let’s show the mainstream media, the NGOs and the EU (European Union) that we are capable of doing this together,” one Defend Europe member said in the video.

To watch the Defend Europe video, watch below: