Controversial Play ‘Ferguson’ Set To Debut in NYC

Eric Scheiner | September 20, 2017

The testimony surrounding the grand jury trial of Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown is now the script of play set to take the limelight in New York City.

Ferguson is a “verbatim play” written by Phelim McAleer, the documentarian behind the film “FrackNation” and the screenwriter for a film on abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

McAleer is currently crowd funding the project for a debut in NYC this October. He’s says the play’s script is straight from the grand jury transcripts.

“I started reading the Ferguson grand jury testimony,” McAleer tells MRCTV. “I just realized this is an incredible story and it’s not the story the media told us. It’s not what we were led to believe. No one says ‘hands up, don’t shoot.’”

“It’s a very interesting and compelling account. A multiple eyewitness account of the last few hours of Michaels Brown’s life, told from all these different angles.”

In preparing for a reading of the play in Los Angeles nine cast members left the project because they disagreed with the content.

“Because the truth didn’t match the story they had been told by the mainstream media,” McAleer says. “The truth didn’t match the narrative they wanted to have, they just couldn’t handle the truth.”

The play is currently scheduled to go up October 23rd at UrbanStages in NYC.

“I’m bringing it out to New York, especially after the disgraceful way the cast of Hamilton treated Vice President Mike Pence,” McAleer says.

“I mean, the word was out there - ‘we don’t want conservatives in our theaters, we don’t want them in our audiences, we don’t want them anywhere around us, they’re not welcome here.’ I thought, I’m not welcome, I always like to go where I’m not welcome because someone is trying to hide something.”

For more information on the play Ferguson, click here.

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