Cori Bush Admits She Changed Her Mind While Getting An Abortion, ‘They Absolutely Ignored Me’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 7, 2022
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Surprise, surprise, surprise! Abortion isn’t so great after all. 

In a shocking new interview with PBS, Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) admitted that when she had an abortion as a teen, she changed her mind but the abortionist ignored her and “started the instrument” to begin the procedure.

Despite this traumatic experience, Bush stands firm in her advocacy for abortion.

Interviewer, Margaret Hoover, began, “You became pregnant two years later when you were 19 and you chose to have an abortion … and you got to the clinic and you had second thoughts.” 

Then Bush walked Hoover through the terrible experience that she endured. She talked about how she had had an abortion before so she knew what to expect, “I thought I was ready,” she said.

 And I went in and I went through all the steps because they were like, it’s almost like an assembly line, you know, you go from room to room. And I got into the last room, I was helped up onto the table by the nurse, and I lay there and I started to think, well, one, I didn’t tell the father that that was about to happen. And I just felt like I needed more time. So I said “No, you know what, I’m not ready.” And the nurse, just, you know, wouldn’t listen to me. And I said, “No, I’m not ready.” And as I’m saying, “No,” they continue to pull the instruments and, you know, get everything ready.

What the hell? Hearing this is not only outrageous but heartbreaking. Imagine the fear Bush must have felt in that room having her body violated and her child’s body ripped to shreds against her will.

“So you were telling them that you didn’t want to move forward, and they were ignoring you,” Hoover noted. 

Bush added, “Oh, they absolutely ignored me, even to the point of like, you know, ‘calm down,’ as if I was the problem.”

Bush then explained that she was looking around for someone to help her, someone to listen to her, but before she knew it, the suction instrument was inside her and started up. 

So Bush was begging the abortionist to stop, yelling “no” over and over again yet, the “doctor” kept going.

This story is horrifying but probably not rare. Numerous studies indicate the manipulation and coercion that happens to women considering abortions. Whether it be from men, family members or the clinic staff themselves, many people have a “just get rid of it” attitude when it comes to the life of a child from an unplanned pregnancy. 

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Bush blamed the vile attack on racism - but abortionists have a goal: end the life of a child inside a pregnant woman. 

What’s bizarre about this story is that even having experienced something so traumatic, Bush is still in support of the vile, evil, destruction of unborn babies. 

Her pinned tweet on her Twitter account is a poster for her “Reproductive Freedom Tour” to advocate for abortion “rights.” Not to mention, after Roe was overturned, Bush likened the nation's highest court as a “far-right, extremist, ableist, racist Supreme Court.” She also previously suggested that limiting abortions is a way to regulate uteruses and eggs and that we should also do it with sperm. 

Bush’s abortion horror story is terrifying and we should be lifting her up in prayer however, we should also be praying that she sees why it was so horrible and that she can grapple with the true effects of the evil abortion industry. 

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