Cory Booker Posts Hilariously Over-the-Top Video Following Jackson's SCOTUS Confirmation

Brittany M. Hughes | April 7, 2022
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Uh oh.

Someone might want to remind Cory Booker that Judge – and now incoming Supreme Court Justice – Ketanji Brown Jackson is a married woman.

The New Jersey Democrat senator, prone to spotlight-seeking theatrics and hyperbole, posted another over-the-top emotional video praising Jackson’s confirmation to the highest court in the land, despite her history of leniency toward child porn offenders, her view that the sanctioned murder of children is “settled law,” and her apparent inability to define the word “woman.”

“We live in a nation with acres of ground that’s been watered with tears and sadness. But today is a mountain of joy. Today is a day for celebration. Today I rejoice. I cry tears of joy,” Booker waxed.

“I just want to thank God and this extraordinary woman for persevering through all of life’s challenges, for overcoming all of life’s obstacles, and now rising,” he went on. “And she knows that we as a nation rise with her.”

Booker already made a fool of himself during Jackson’s confirmation hearings, during which he went on a bizarre monologue about the history of slavery and immigration before calling Jackson his “sister” and telling her, “God is with you.”

It's unlikely that Spartacus will stop channeling his inner Shakespeare to fawn over far-left progressives and anytime soon. But in his future accolades, Booker might want to steer clear of lauding "women" for persevering - considering, you know, the left doesn't even know what a "woman" is.