Country Legend Travis Tritt Calls Out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over 'Biased' Censorship

Nick Kangadis | April 19, 2021
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Social media platforms are cancerous places that are increasingly becoming the “echo-chambers” the left always rails against, ironically consisting of mostly those on the “progressive” side of things. Twitter is such a place, and some people sound like they’ve had enough of the circumvention of the First Amendment while hiding behind being a “private platform.”

Country legend Travis Tritt took to Twitter recently and called out CEO Jack Dorsey for the platform’s “biased” censorship.

It’s unfortunate, but certain people in today’s society have no choice but to be on some of these social media cesspools. Some need it for work, others need it to facilitate their work and get the message out about possible upcoming projects.

Social media censorship, at least by the companies that currently dominate the public square, isn’t going away and will most likely get worse.

Tritt, a two-time Grammy Award winner, had his share of detractors for this particular tweet, and it was mostly people who are defending Twitter. But, that’s only because there are fewer and fewer voices of dissent on the platform, as noted in Tritt’s tweet. The ironic part is that the “useful idiots” defending platforms that care not one bit about their mental health or their “woke” opinions will be the only ones left to censor. They won’t believe it either until the “cancel culture” hammer eventually comes down on them, too.