Of Course He Did! Biden Overturns Trump Executive Order Aimed at Combatting Online Censorship

Nick Kangadis | May 19, 2021
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If there’s one piece of advice I can give real news junkies, it’s to look at what politicians do towards the end of every Friday. Politicians know that people are looking forward to the weekend and won’t be paying as close attention to what’s coming through the wire.

As Newsmax put it, “without much fanfare” President Joe Biden revoked former President Donald Trump’s executive order that put pressure on federal agencies to walk back the Section 230 protections afforded to social media companies as part of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

According to Newsmax:

The order called on multiple federal agencies to rescind Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act that protects online social media services from legal responsibility for third-party content posted on their platforms. 

Biden, who during his presidential campaign supported revoking the section of the federal law, did so after a coalition of organizations challenging the order in court called on the president to abandon it last month because “it is a drastic assault on free speech designed to punish online platforms that fact-checked President Trump.”

While some looked at Trump’s executive action as an assault on social media platforms aimed at tackling whatever they deem as “misinformation” or “disinformation,” it was really a move designed to protect those that have seen their content labeled or removed because it wasn’t what the social media platforms designate as their truth.

What some people deem as “hate speech” or classify as “violent” words, other look at as free speech and vice versa. 

It appears the gap between the establishment, who ironically are backed up by a majority of the social media outrage mob, and logical, free-thinking people is only widening and the new regime looks to be protecting the former.