Of Course It's San Francisco: Shocking Video Shows Thieves Busting Into a Car in Broad Daylight

Brittany M. Hughes | July 29, 2022
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Shocking video reportedly out of San Francisco shows the moment a hooded criminal smashed through the windows of a parked car and makes off with a bag from the backseat – all in broad daylight, while being filmed on camera.

In the clip, the nonchalant robber simply walks up to the vehicle parked on the side of the street in what appears to be a well-populated area, smashes through the back window before moving on to the rear passenger door. After breaking into that window as well, the guy reaches into the backseat and pulls out what looks to be some sort of bag before getting into the backseat of another car. The driver then pulls away, leaving broken glass littering the sidewalk and the guy with the cellphone completely aghast.

Check it out (warning: contains some language):

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Whether targeting parked cars or stores full of people, smash-and-grab crimes are on the rise in America’s biggest – and mostly Democrat-run – cities. Earlier this month, a group of thieves made off with half a million dollars in high-end merchandise from a store in Malibu, California in a brazen, broad-daylight robbery caught entirely on camera.

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