61% of Americans Say Joe Biden Was Involved in Son Hunter’s Business Dealings - Media Continue to Claim There’s ‘No Evidence’

Craig Bannister | September 8, 2023
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Six in ten Americans now say that, as vice president, Joe Biden was involved in his son’s sketchy business dealings with foreign nationals, but liberal media keep trying to convince the public that there’s “no evidence” – even though there’s plenty.

Results of a new, national CNN survey reveal that 61% of American adults think Joe Biden did have “involvement in his son Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine and China while serving as Vice President.”

And, while Democrats are far less likely to think Biden was involved, 64% of Independents say that Joe did take part in Hunter’s business dealings.

What’s more, 98% of those who say Joe Biden was involved believe that the then-vice president’s actions were either illegal (69%) or unethical (29%).

Of all respondents:

  • 42% say they think has was involved and he acted illegally.
  • 18% say that he was involved, but his actions were unethical, not illegal.
  • 1% believe Biden was involved, but did not do anything wrong.
  • 38% say he was not involved.


Responding to a separate question, a 55% majority of the public said that Pres. Biden has been acting inappropriately regarding the investigation into his son’s potential crimes, while 44% say that he is.

Nonetheless, liberal media continue to claim there’s “no evidence” that, as vice president, Joe Biden had anything to do with his son’s business dealings with foreign nations.

But, as NewsBusters explains, a sampling of evidence suggesting that the Bidens were in cahoots includes:

  • More than 20 LLCs, which were established by Biden family members and their associates, have transferred an excess of $20,000,000 between foreign nationals and at least nine of Biden’s relatives.
  • These transfers generated at least 170 suspicious activity reports from banks, which were submitted to the IRS. The figures are also backed up by thousands of pages of bank records.
  • A credible FBI source, who has worked with the agency for more than 10 years, has alleged that there exist at least 17 recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden discussing business with Burisma executives while Biden was Vice President.
  • Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer testified under oath that then-Vice President Biden spoke with Hunter’s business partners at least 20 times on speakerphone between 2008 and 2016.
  • The National Archives has identified 5,400 emails from Biden’s Vice Presidency, which show him using pseudonyms to communicate government information to his son Hunter’s investment firm.


Read the full NewsBusters report.