Actress Patricia Heaton Shares SNL's 2015 Pro-Terrorist Satire: ‘WOW…SNL Predicted it’

Craig Bannister | November 17, 2023
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As young American netizens celebrate and share a 2002 “Letter to America” by Osama bin Laden, the Islamist terrorist leader responsible for September 11, 2001 attack on New York’s World Trade Center, conservative actress Patricia Heaton is sharing video of a seemingly-prophetic Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit from 2015.

“WOW. Today this is not even satire. SNL predicted it…,” Heaton commented in a social media post, sharing a video posted by @DanelBenNamer.

“8 years ago SNL predicted the future of today’s ‘woke’ left,” Namer wrote Thursday, in his post embedding the video clip of the SNL skit.

SNL provides a description of the skit, introducing the video on its YouTube account:

“After her graduation from high school, a father (Taran Killam) must let his daughter (Dakota Johnson) go. [Season 40, 2015]”



The satirically heart-warming twist: she’s off to join the murderous Islamist terrorist organization ISIS.

Over the past week, TikTok users have been gushing over the resurgence of bin Laden’s letter on the social media platform, in the wake of the recent attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Still, the pro-terrorist sentiment should be surprising, MRCTV Managing Editor and “Reality Check” Host Brittany Hughes explains in her examination of the cultural phenomenon:

“Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the absolute moral rot festering in the heart of this country and the rest of Western civilization, in which rabid leftists have convinced an entire historically ignorant generation of young people that the boogey man of ‘oppression’ is the ultimate enemy, and that anything smacking of decency, faith, values, or responsibility is a symbol of “white supremacy.’”

The 9/11 attack on New York City by bin Laden’s al Qaeda Islamist terrorist group left nearly three thousand American dead.