Anti-Israel Activists Vandalize Congressman’s Office

Craig Bannister | April 22, 2024

As anti-Semitic and pro-terror demonstrations raged at elite U.S. universities on Monday, Texas Republican Rep. John Carter revealed that his office had been vandalized by anti-Israel activists.

“Unhinged anti-Israel activists vandalized my Georgetown office,” Rep. Carter reported in a social media post, providing a photo of his office defaced with red paint and the words “Free Gaza.”

“Let me make 2 things clear,” Carter wrote in a message to the vandals and anyone else wanting to intimidate him from his support of Israel as it fights to eliminate the terrorist organization Hamas that attacked Israel last October 7, killing 1,200 and raping women and children:

“Let me make 2 things clear, my support for Israel is unwavering & your intimidation won’t work. Secondly, the parties responsible will be found & will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. #StandWithIsrael

“We must stand with Israel!” has been pinned to the top of Rep. Carter’s social media account since April 13.

On Saturday, Rep. Carter voted in favor of a House Bill 8034, which passed, to provide aid to Israel, as local news Fox7 Austin reports:

“H.R. 8034 would provide $26.38 billion in aid to Israel. It also includes provisions that would expand the authority of the President to transfer defense articles and services from DOD to foreign countries or international organizations, and prohibit funds from being used for payments to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency.”

On Monday, at the same time Rep. Carter was sharing the news of how his office had been defaced, anti-Israel protests and encampments – some violent – broke out at prestigious U.S. universities, including Columbia, Yale, NYU and Emerson College.

Anti-Israel activists vandalize Rep. Carter's office.