Bill Maher: Abortion Is ‘Kind of’ Murder – ‘I’m Just Okay with That’

Craig Bannister | April 17, 2024
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Abortion is “kind of” murder – and he’s “okay with that,” liberal talk show Host Bill Maher said Friday.

Maher chastised pro-abortion advocates for making false accusations against pro-life advocates, in an episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” with guest journalists Gillian Tett and Piers Morgan:

“None of you believe it’s murder. That’s why I don’t understand the 15-week thing, or the ‘Trump’s plan is let’s leave it to the states.’ You mean, so killing babies is okay in some states?

“I can respect the absolutist position, I really can. I scold the Left when they say, ‘Oh, you know what? They just hate women, people who aren’t pro-choice.’

“They don’t hate women. They [The Left] just made that up.”

Instead, pro-life advocates believe that abortion is murder, and they’ve got a case, Maher said.

“I’m just okay with that,” Maher announced.

“I am,” Maher reaffirmed, adding that he won’t miss those who are aborted:

“They [pro-life advocates] think it’s murder. And, it kind of is. I’m just okay with that. I am.

“I mean, there’s eight billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on it.”