Border Agents Resort to Snark to Warn Americans of Danger of Biden’s Policies

Craig Bannister | January 26, 2024
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The nation’s border agents’ union has repeatedly issued stern warnings trying to convince the public that Pres. Joe Biden’s open-borders policies are putting Americans in danger, so now it’s trying a new tactic: snark.

“Don't worry Americans. Biden's looking out for you,” the Border Patrol Union (BPU) said Friday, in a sarcastic social media post on

“To enhance your safety, security and well-being he released another 6,000 illegal aliens into your neighborhoods yesterday,” the post continues. “Dependable ID, health screening and criminal record checks? Nope.”

“But don't worry, because he isn't,” the post concludes, taking a shot at Biden’s refusal to secure the nation’s southwest border.

But, it’s not enough for Biden to simply ignore the illegal immigration crisis, he’s actually fighting to further open up the border to illegal aliens, as the union has warned in previous posts.

A recent Supreme Court ruling has given Biden the okay to resume forcing border agents to cut Texas’ border wire, which the state installed to protect itself from the ongoing flood of illegal immigration being fueled by Biden’s policies.

Border Agents Union Post

The nation’s border agents are personally and overwhelmingly opposed to Biden’s orders and support Texas’ battle against the president’s efforts to make it safer and easier for illegal aliens to break into the country.