Border Patrol Union: ‘Here’s a Shocking Bit of News for the Uninformed’

Craig Bannister | January 10, 2024
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Criminal cartels are running the border – no matter what DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas and his media mouthpieces tell you – and the real truth “would scare the hell out of you America,” the U.S. Border Patrol Union warned Tuesday.

Don’t be fooled: the number of cartel border-crossers didn’t actually decrease when Sec. Mayorkas visited Eagle Pass, Texas on Monday – they simply entered from another part of the state, the Border Patrol Union explains in a social media post:

“Here's a shocking bit of news for the uninformed.

“Mayorkas goes to the border. Cartels magically halve the number of border crossings in that area (Eagle Pass, TX). But the numbers in Tucson magically increase by the same number.

“Criminal cartels run the border, period.”

The mainstream media (MSM) is following instructions from the Biden Administration and lying to the American people, the Border Patrol Union warns in a follow-up post:

“MSM, as always, is lying and covering for Biden. They’re saying border apprehensions have come down. Why? Because they're instructed to say that.

“But compared to January 2022 and January 2023 (both record years) apprehensions are almost identical.

“Don’t believe propagandists.”

The Biden Administration is keeping Americans in the dark about the severity of the border crisis, the Border Patrol Union wrote on Monday.

If they knew the whole truth, it would “scare the hell” out of them, the union wrote, replying to a post by Fox News Correspondent Bill Melugin.

“What Mayorkas is saying here is simply not true,” Melugin wrote, refuting the DHS secretary’s claims that the border is under control, prompting the border agents’ response:

“This Admin won't be forthcoming about what's going on at the border. They only show little pieces of the puzzle to prevent Americans from seeing the entire picture.

“The entire picture would scare the hell out of you America.”