Border Patrol Union: Laken Riley’s Death Is ‘All on You Joe Biden’

Craig Bannister | February 26, 2024
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The death of 22 year-old nursing student Laken Riley is “all on you Joe Biden,” the Border Patrol Union declared Monday, after it was revealed that Jose Ibarra, the man charged with murdering the Georgia woman, is an illegal alien from Venezuela, who had previously been released from DHS custody.

It was Riley, not Ibarra, who needed the Biden Administration’s protection, the Border Patrol Union (BPU) said in a social media post condemning Pres. Biden’s open-border policy:

“Jose Ibarra didn't need any protection from Venezuela, jail or deportation. That's a sad joke.

But Laken Riley sure as hell needed protection from Ibarra. And who protected her?

“All on you Joe Biden. Stand up and be accountable for what you've done to this country. We'll wait.”



“Joe Biden's policies of death, anarchy and destruction are responsible for 193 dead people who crossed our border illegally so far this fiscal year,” the union followed up:

“Wear it proudly Joe. Get out of your basement and talk to the American people about what you've done to our border. Coward.”

“Joe Biden is directly responsible for the deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of illegal aliens. Period,” it added.

“Every single bit of this is on Joe Biden and his minions who are intentionally flooding this country with millions of illegal aliens,” the Border Patrol agents’ union wrote on Sunday, denouncing the president for his wanton disregard for the safety of American citizens:

“No proper background or health checks, no regard for our laws, just get them in by the millions, consequences to the American people be damned.”

“If only the Biden Admin protected Americans like they do illegal aliens,” they wrote Monday.

And, in yet another post, the border agents explained their constant Biden-bashing:

“Why do we call out Joe Biden so much?

“Simple, he is the problem.”