Bozell Blasts NY AG for Publicly Slurring Trump While Former President Is Gagged by Court

Craig Bannister | November 6, 2023
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“That’s fairness in NY,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell mocked Monday, after New York Attorney General Letitia James publicly smeared Donald Trump the day before the former president was set to testify in his civil case.

On Sunday, AG James – who campaigned on her hatred for Trump and determination to convict him – took to social media Sunday to slur Trump ahead of his testimony in a civil fraud case:

“Tomorrow, Donald Trump takes the stand in our trial against his fraudulent business.

“Trump can try to hide his wrongdoings behind taunts and threats, but we will not be bullied out of uncovering the truth.”

Meanwhile, Trump is unable to defend himself, due to a gag order previously placed by the judge in the case.

Bozell replied to James’ post by calling out the injustice taking place in the case:

“She can say that but Trump can’t say anything.

“That’s fairness in NY.”

Bozell Blasts Unjust NY Justice System