‘Caught in the Act’: Police Arrest Illegal Alien in ‘Rape Dungeon on Wheels’

Craig Bannister | May 16, 2024

A transient illegal alien serial rapist suspect was reportedly “caught in the act” inside what police are describing a “rape dungeon on wheels” in Los Angeles on Monday.

The suspect, 40 year-old Eduardo Sarabia, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, has been charged with raping two women, one on Sunday and another on Monday – but, authorities believe there are more victims still to be identified.

Sarabia was arrested inside “A van disgustingly outfitted for rape: mobile cage, with no windows in the back,” a 2015 Ford Transit, Fox 11 Los Angeles reports:

“Sarabia was arrested after a deputy made contact with him near mile marker 21, along Highway 39. He was ordered out of the van at gunpoint.

“The deputy reported to dispatch that he could hear a woman in the back of the van screaming for help.”

Police describe Sarabia as “a monster” and describe the woman’s screams as “blood curdling.” Authorities are reportedly in possession of officer body camera footage of the scene of the arrest, in the San Gabriel Mountains. Police say Sarabia took his victims there after abducting them.

Police are trying to locate all other victims and are asking anyone with relevant information to contact the Sheriff Department's Special Victims Bureau at 877-710-5273.