Dan Bongino: ‘Be Like this Guy’ in Viral Video

Craig Bannister | December 4, 2023
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“Be like this guy,” former Secret Service agent and New York City police officer Dan Bongino urged Monday, posting a viral video of an inspirational feat he witnessed over the weekend.

Bongino, now a conservative commentator and nationally-syndicated radio host who addresses the formidable challenges facing the nation today, ranging from border security and inflation to political scandals and the weaponization of government, posted the comment and video on X.com, formerly known as Twitter.



The 16-second video features a play from Saturday’s Big Ten football championship game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Iowa Hawkeyes, in which Iowa punts to Michigan.

In it, Iowa’s Koen Entringer is the personification of the resilience, determination, and never-give-up spirit needed to tackle today’s most daunting problems.

When Michigan’s punt returner catches the football inside his own 10-yard line and Entringer fails to make the tackle – slipping and falling face-first onto the turf – the returner takes off on what promises to be a length-of-the-field touchdown run.

But, instead of quitting, Entringer gets up, runs ninety yards downfield while avoiding Wolverine blockers, catches the punt returner and pushes him out of bounds in a touchdown-saving tackle.

“Be like this guy,” Bongino wrote, commenting on the example set by Entringer’s effort.