Dem AG Letitia James Has the Unmitigated Gall to Accuse TRUMP of Scheme to ‘Enrich Himself and His Family’

Craig Bannister | November 8, 2023
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As evidence mounts suggesting Pres. Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, made millions off influence-peddling with foreign actors during the elder Biden’s tenure as vice president, New York Attorney General Letitia James had the audacity Monday to accuse former President Donald Trump of a scheme to enrich his family.

James, a Democrat and long-time passionate Biden supporter, who campaigned on a promise to prosecute and persecute Trump, made the claim to the media following Trump’s testimony at a New York civil trial regarding real estate valuation:

“At the end of the day, the documentary evidence demonstrated that, in fact, he falsely inflated his assets to, basically, enrich himself and his family.”

Meanwhile, documentation continues to pile up showing the Biden family, especially Hunter, was enriched by then-Vice President Biden’s influence. In September, the House Oversight Committee posted “Evidence of Joe Biden’s Involvement in His Family’s Influence Peddling Schemes.”

The document quotes testimony, correspondence, and news reports to present 22 items as evidence of Biden enrichment schemes, including:

  • “In July 2023, former Biden business associate Devon Archer described how Joe Biden was “The Brand” and was used to send “signals” of power, access, and influence to enrich the Biden family from foreign sources.”
  • “In February 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with oligarchs from Russia and Kazakhstan who funneled millions of dollars to Hunter Biden and his business associates.”
  • “In May 2017, James Gilliar, a Biden family associate, emailed Hunter Biden and other associates to formalize how they would divide the profit from their deal with CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party linked energy company. Gilliar indicated Joe Biden would receive 10 percent, which has been confirmed by former Biden family associate, Tony Bobulinski.”
  • “On July 30, 2017, Hunter Biden demanded money from Chinese business associates and threatened that Joe Biden was sitting next to him: ‘if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you….I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direct.’”
  • “The FBI’s June 30, 2020 FD-1023 form contains allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden allegedly engaged in an extortion scheme where he was paid $5 million in exchange for certain actions.”
  • “In 2019, Hunter Biden texted his daughter, claiming that, ‘unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.’”


Last week, on November 1, Oversight Committee Chair James Comer published a flow chart and video laying out how five million dollars from a company in China was funneled to members of the Biden family and “$40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account, in the form of a personal check.”

“The numbers don’t lie,” Attorney General James said Monday, accusing Trump.

Indeed, though the numbers provided by the House Oversight Committee report contradict Pres. Biden’s claim he knew nothing of, and had no hand in, his son’s foreign business dealings:

  • “Devon Archer alone was aware of at least 20 times in which then-Vice President Biden spoke on speakerphone with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates.”
  • “Vice President Biden brought Hunter Biden along to at least 15 countries where he sold ‘The Brand’ to enrich the Biden family.”
  • “Hunter Biden’s business associates reportedly visited the White House more than 80 times when Joe Biden was Vice President.”