Democrats’ Approval of Biden Falls to New Low, as More Sympathize with Palestinians than with Israelis

Craig Bannister | October 27, 2023
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Amid a war in the Middle East, sparked by Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel earlier this month, Pres. Joe Biden’s job approval among U.S. Democrats has fallen to the lowest level of his presidency, a new Gallup poll reveals.

At 75%, Democrats’ approval of Biden is down 11 points (14.7%) from September’s 86% rating, results of a national Gallup survey of U.S. adults released Thursday show.

This new low among his own party members is even four points lower than Republicans’ lowest rating of Donald Trump during his presidency. “Biden’s current 75% approval rating among Democrats is well below the 86% average from his own party throughout his presidency,” Gallup reports.

Coincidentally – for the first time - more Democrats now sympathize with the Palestinians than with the Israelis in the Middle East conflict, Gallup’s 2023 World Affairs Poll, conducted earlier this year, found. As CNSNews has reported:

“Democrats’ sympathies have been shifting for the past decade, and this year’s 11-point jump flipped the net score to the Palestinians’ side (49%-38%). Those more sympathetic towards the Israelis and the percent of neutral Democrats (13%) both fell to new lows.”

His party’s record-high empathy with the Palestinians, combined with his support for Israel’s retaliation against Hamas, helped drive Biden’s job approval among Democrats to its new low, Gallup notes:

“Biden’s immediate and decisive show of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas appears to have turned off some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ worst assessment of the president since he took office. Biden’s overall approval rating likewise matches his personal low.”

Indeed, Biden’s approval rating among all U.S. adults fell four points over the past month, from 41% in September to 37% currently, the lowest level of his presidency.

With little room to fall, the percent of Republicans approving of Biden’s job performance held steady, at just 5%.  Among Independents, approval of Biden fell four points, from 39% to 35%, over the last month.

The national Gallup poll of U.S. adults was conducted between Oct. 2 and Oct. 23, 2023.