Drug-Abuser Related, Mostly Minority Jurors Bode Well for Hunter Biden – Even if They Think He’s Guilty

Craig Bannister | June 5, 2024
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The makeup of the jury pool hearing First Son Hunter Biden’s trial on federal gun charges is ripe for Biden to be found “not guilty” – even if the jurors believe he actually did break the law, GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley and Fox News’ Jesse Watters say.

On his Tuesday show, Watters cited Turley to explain how the makeup of the jury pool creates the distinct possibility that Biden will be let off the hook, either by a hung jury or because the jurors sympathize with the Democrat president’s son.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against Biden regarding his three gun charges, the jury may refuse to convict Biden – even though they agree he’s guilty – because they disagree with the laws he broke, employing what’s known as “jury nullification.”

There are three main reasons that increase the prospects of either a hung jury or jury nullification, the law professor and Fox host explain:

  1. The majority of the jury is made up of people related to substance abusers, like Hunter Biden.
  2. The jury consists mostly of minorities, which largely support Biden’s father, President Joe Biden
  3. The Biden Family is beloved in Delaware, where the jurors live and the trial is being held.


“The strategy plays on the racial makeup of the jury, which is mostly black, as well the Biden’s influence in Delaware,” Watters says. “The hope is: this jury won’t convict for a drug-related crime. Everybody in Delaware knows the Bidens.”

Watters also details how individual jurors are related to drug abusers, who may well excuse Biden’s substance abuse. Biden is charged with lying and denying his drug abuse when applying for a gun permit, which he successfully obtained.

This is “great jury for the defendant,” even though “there is no real defense here,” Turley explains in an interview with Fox Business Channel – noting that the jury pool is “the mirror image” of the one that convicted former President Donald Trump on “hush money” charges in Democrat-dominated Manhattan at the hands of a Trump-hating district attorney.