Emboldened by Shoplifting Success, Today's Thieves Are Even Robbing Police and Secret Service Agents

Craig Bannister | June 19, 2024
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In recent years, thieves have been free to loot retail stores in the U.S. without resistance, as numerous viral videos and news reports have documented. Now, apparently emboldened by that success and soft-on-crime policies in liberal-run cities, they’re not even afraid to rob armed law enforcement officers and secret service agents.


In California, for example, where theft of less than $950 has been downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor, looting of retail businesses has surged, to the point that robbers have had to use trash bags to contain all their stolen goods.

Last Wednesday, in an incident caught on video, a gang of about twenty people dressed in black with hoods and masks used hammers and crowbars to bust through a jewelry store's glass door. Once inside, they ransacked the shop and got away with stolen goods. 

Other criminals have become even more ambitious.

Samuel Lee Bucey of Washington, D.C., recently broke into two police cruisers and stole equipment, according to the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department (FCPD), which arrested Bucey last week.

Bucey had previously been arrested four times in the past two and a half months – and released on his own personal recognizance each time – according to FCPD.

Worse, Bucey stole a high-powered patrol rifle, ammunition and a taser, along with a ballistic vest and helmet, police say.

The high-powered rifle has not been unrecovered, Fairfax, County Police Chief Kevin Davis told a local ABC affiliate, blasting the policies that repeatedly put Bucey back out on the streets:

“So my very first question is why was he out on our streets able to commit more crimes and now an even more serious crime where we still have an unrecovered patrol rifle--- it's capable of shooting high power ammunition out on the streets.”

And, as it turns out, robbers have become so brazen that even Secret Services agents assigned to protect the president of the United States are now fair game.

A Secret Service agent assigned to President Joe Biden’s detail during a campaign stop in Los Angeles, California was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. Shots were fired.

The thief got away with the agent’s bag. He is still on the loose and has not been identified.