Geraldo Rivera ‘Stunned and Chagrined’ by Hunter Biden’s Conviction?

Craig Bannister | June 11, 2024
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Investigative Journalist and liberal commentator Geraldo Rivera says he’s “stunned and chagrined” that a Wilmington, Delaware jury found First Son Hunter Biden guilty on three counts of federal gun felonies on Tuesday.

After the verdict, Rivera took to social media to voice his disbelief. Even though the evidence against Hunter Biden was “overwhelming,” Rivera wrote, the jury still should have found the First Son not guilty, in the name of “compassion”:

“Stunned and chagrined by the unanimous guilty verdicts in the Hunter Biden gun purchase and possession case. The evidence against the president’s son was overwhelming. Still, I thought the family’s show of support and the hometown jury’s shared experiences would command compassion for the errant sole surviving son of President Biden.”

“So much for jury nullification,” Rivera added, referring to the practice of a jury finding a defendant “not guilty” – even though they’re convinced that he is.