Gutfeld: L.A. School District Using ‘Identity Maps’ to Turn Kindergarteners into Sexual Schizophrenics

Craig Bannister | October 6, 2023
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The L.A. Unified School District is preparing to subject kids in Kindergarten and First Grade to gender ideology next week, using an 11-page tool kit and something called an “identity map,” Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld warned on his program Thursday night.

“So, what is the L.A. United School District doing? Focusing on reading, writing and ducking gunfire?” Gutfeld asked, in the opening segment of “Gutfeld!”

“Nope, they’re gearing up for National Coming Out Day next week – where the ABC’s get replaced by the LGBTs,” he answered:

“The District has sent an 11-page tool kit to elementary school teachers with lesson plans focusing on identity and intersexuality. Of course, none of this was sent to the parents. God forbid they might know what’s being fed into their kids’ brains.”

The goal, Gutfeld explained, is to “engage Kindergarten and First Grade students in discussions about identity.”

One “tool” teachers will wield is an activity called an “identity map,” Gutfeld noted:

“Pupils chart their experiences of discrimination or privilege around 12 axes – including race, gender identity, sexuality, mental health, and body size.”

“Kids enter a class, full of energy and curiosity, and you turn them into a bitter victim, itemizing their grievances – grievances they don’t even have yet,” Gutfeld said:

“So, they spend their time looking at experiences of discrimination and privilege. They’re, maybe, six years old for Christ’s sake. They just learned how to make a boom-boom in the toilet a week ago.”

The “identity map” exercise will be followed by a discussion telling the children that they have multiple identities, Gutfeld explained:

“But, apparently, this mapping allows seven-year-olds to see themselves through the lens of intersectionality. Teachers then post the ‘identity maps’ on the wall, for a class discussion about students’ multiple identities.”

“Yeah, multiple identities: we’re turning healthy kids into schizophrenics,” Gutfeld mocked.

“So, why are First Graders learning this crap? Do they really need to know what cisgender means, or gender binary or intersex or pansexual?” Gutfeld asked.

The reason, he said, is that activist teachers know that they are trying to brainwash kids into embracing an unnatural, irrational mindset:

“Here’s why: it’s what activists want them to learn, because they know it’s not organic – or else, you wouldn’t need to artificially create and then enforce it.”

“But, hey, you can’t miss what you never had: an education. If ignorance is bliss, America will become the happiest place on Earth,” Gutfeld concluded.