Hamas/Media’s ‘Dead-Baby Strategy’ Only Works Because the Media Has a Double-Standard of Reporting, Dershowitz Says

Craig Bannister | January 4, 2024
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Media bias is the only reason that Hamas is able to blame Israel for the deaths of Palestinians it uses as human shields, renowned Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz explains in a new video.

“The ‘Dead-Baby Strategy’ only works, only works – Hamas’ policies only work – because the media has a double-standard of reporting,” Dershowitz says in a video he posted on social media Thursday.

In the video, Dershowitz denounces the media’s biased, one-sided coverage of Israel’s war with Hamas, a murderous terrorist organization:

“When you focus only on Israelis who, in self-defense and after tremendous efforts to try to prevent collateral deaths, cause the deaths…of human shields, it’s a terrible tragedy. But, it’s no different, morally, from when Arabs kill Arabs and Muslims killing Muslims.”



Constitutional scholar, commentator and best-selling author Mark Levin has also used PBS as an example of media bias.

“PBS hides behind its kids’ programming to push its antisemitism. It has this is common with Hamas. And we fund it all,” Levin says in a social media post, linking to an article exposing PBS NewsHour’s advocacy and propaganda on behalf of Hamas in its war with Israel.

Dershowitz’s video commentary also calls for media to present more accurate, balanced coverage of all violent events:

“We need to figure out a different way of reporting and calculating these matters, whether it be in the United States with Black Lives Matter or whether it be in the Middle East with Muslim Lives Matter.”