Hannity: ‘Spineless,’ ‘Gutless’ Biden Has ‘Sealed the Fate of Every Hostage’ of Hamas

Craig Bannister | May 10, 2024

By kowtowing to terrorists and their backers by withholding help from Israel, President Joe Biden has sealed the fate of every Israeli – and American – hostage being held by Hamas, Host Sean Hannity said Thursday on his Fox News Channel program.

While delivering a concrete ultimatum to Israel, Biden has said nothing more than “Don’t” to the terrorists and their supporting nations.

By publicly declaring that he will stop supplying weapons to Israel if it continues its fight to defend itself from Hamas, a terrorist group dedicated to Israel’s obliteration, Biden has signed the death warrant of the hostages:

“This is what he’s saying to Israel as they’re defending themselves. Joe: they were the victims of the worst terror attack in their history.

“Joe Biden has, frankly, likely, just sealed the fate of every hostage that is now in captivity.”

“All for what: a few votes in Michigan and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania,” Hannity said, alluding to an anti-Semitic segment of Democrats’ Muslim constituency.

By trying to thwart Israel’s effort to enter the city of Rafah in order to wipe out Hamas’ Gaza stronghold, Biden is protecting murderous terrorists, Hannity said:

“The same terrorists that raped, killed, tortured thousands of men, women and children – burning babies alive in their cribs a few months ago – the same terrorists that have stated in their charter that they want complete destruction of Israel.”

“Your spineless, your gutless, your cowardly president has now abandoned our closest ally in the Middle East in the greatest time, the greatest hour of need," Hannity added.